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Scheduled Health Content

We design and deliver health information programs, comprising GoShare content bundles that are sent to patients via email or SMS at a pre-determined frequency.

We work with you to:

  • Select content for each bundle
  • Prepare the content bundles
  • Program the content bundles to be delivered to patients at a pre-determined frequency (fixed or variable)

When the content program has been prepared, it only takes a few seconds for your team to set up patients to receive the automated content bundles. If you prefer, we can manage this process for you.

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Scheduling bundles of health resources is an efficient and cost effective way to provide self-management support.


Detailed reports provide data on patient engagement with the content and health professional usage of GoShare.


Select from patient stories, animations, information sheets and useful apps and links to provide patients with information in a format that suits their learning style.

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