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GoShare and GoShare Plus

GoShare and GoShare Plus
Supporting Practices to deliver quality improvement activities and preventive health campaigns.

GoShare and GoShare Plus
Supporting Practices to deliver quality improvement activities and preventive health campaigns.

AAPM and Healthily are collaborating to offer AAPM members 20% discount on Healthily’s digital patient education platform, GoShare Healthcare. GoShare is rapidly becoming the patient education standard for health care providers around Australia. It is an intuitive online platform that enables practice staff to efficiently send tailored, trusted health resources to patients by email or SMS.

Practices can connect to GoShare online or through existing practice software (Medical Director and CAT4), providing seamless access to a substantial library of approved, up-to-date, credible health content relevant to a broad range of health and wellness topics. The content library includes patient stories, animations, fact sheets, apps and other resources.

Breaking News! Your subscription to GoShare now includes Healthily’s new patient engagement tool GoShare Plus.

What is GoShare Plus?

Healthily has integrated GoShare with Pen CS’s CAT4 platform to create the powerful patient engagement tool GoShare Plus. Essentially, it is a ‘next generation’ SMS reminder tool, but it is also much more. GoShare Plus uses CAT4’s health analytics capability to deliver relevant information to lists of patients who meet defined criteria using GoShare’s substantial content library and unique ‘content bundles’ delivery method.

The SMS messages sent via GoShare Plus have a link to a content page that is individualised for each patient. The page includes credible information from GoShare’s content library providing information about the relevant topic.

Practice mangers can use GoShare Plus to quickly and simply send patients relevant information, along with engaging reminders and tailored preventive health campaigns. And GoShare Plus can be incorporated into quality improvement activities – for example, to improve participation in the National Bowel Cancer Screening program or to drive the uptake of health checks.

Through GoShare you can create your own content bundles for preventive health campaigns or PIP QI activities. Also available are GoShare Plus content bundles, prepared by subject-matter experts, for these preventive health topics:

  • Shingles vaccination (available now)
  • Bowel cancer screening (available now)
  • Breast cancer screening (available now)
  • Cervical cancer screening (available in February 2020)
  • Home Medicine Reviews (available in January 2020)
  • Health risk assessment tool with call to action (practice name and contact number) based on score (available in February 2020)
  • Health check reminders (available in February 2020)

GoShare Plus is compatible with Best Practice, Zedmed, Genie, Medtech, practiX, Communicare, MMEX, PCIS and others.

GoShare features:

  • Access to GoShare Plus (excluding SMS costs) including all pre-packaged content bundles
  • Access to the evidence-based patient and carer experiences developed with Australian peak health bodies and health services. The ‘Speaking from Experience’ series is a dynamic and ever-expanding library of videos featuring real people sharing their experiences of the day-to-day challenges and strategies they use to manage their illnesses
  • Access to fact sheets, brochures, apps and digital tools from peak health bodies and health services
  • Access to Healthily’s animated health information video series.
  • Ability to customise GoShare to include your practice logo and messaging.
  • Ability to include your own content in content modules (videos, PDFs, link to your practice website)
  • Inclusion of patient feedback surveys
  • Engagement reporting

Click here for a free 14-day trial of GoShare Healthcare (use the ‘free trial’ button top right).

Contact Healthily on the details below for a demo and free trial of GoShare Plus.

Practice licence fee: Usually $950 per year, but with your 20% AAPM discount, now $760 per year (exclusive of GST) – all practice staff are licensed to use GoShare and GoShare Plus.

For more information: Email or call 03 9534 7222.