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Introducing: GoShare Voice

Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to integrate GoShare with CAT4 to create GoShare Plus – a powerful new patient engagement tool.

GoShare Voice enables health professionals to schedule conversational Voice AI phone calls with patients.

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    What is GoShare Voice?

    Healthily’s GoShare Voice is a ground-breaking solution that revolutionises patient education and support through advanced conversational Voice AI technology. This innovation enables automated outbound and inbound phone calls with patients to provide relevant health information and support.

    GoShare Voice improves health equity and access to health information for patients. It allows them to interact with a ‘digital assistant’, in their language of choice, improving health literacy and self-management knowledge and skills.

    How GoShare Voice works

    GoShare Voice is fully integrated into the mature GoShare platform. Clinicians and admin staff can log in to GoShare, then choose to add a GoShare Voice phone call as a bundle to a new, or pre existing digital program.

    What GoShare Voice is used for

    The digital assistant can provide health education and reminders, and check for the patient’s understanding. It can confirm appointments and respond to patient’s questions in real time. It can provide care navigation support from hospital to home, and back to primary care.

    In addition to the benefits to patients, GoShare Voice can reduce the administrative burden for healthcare staff, and enhance the efficiency of their current workflows.

    Listen to some real-world examples below!

    GoShare Voice: Procedure preparation example

    GoShare Voice: Aged Care medication reminder example

    GoShare Voice: COVID positive patient example – Multilingual

    GoShare Voice: Appointment reminder example

    Dr Tina Campbell, Managing Director of Healthily, explains, ‘We are excited by the opportunities that conversational Voice AI offers. Our aim is to improve health equity and access to health information for patients by enabling them to interact with a digital assistant in their preferred language. Our solution will overcome health and digital literacy barriers, making health information more accessible to Australia’s diverse population.’`

    For a demonstration of GoShare Voice or for more information, you can call on (03) 9534 7222, fill out the contact us form or send us an email to