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Frequently asked questions

Dietitian service: Frequently asked questions

What are the phone call charges?

Healthily’s 1800 Dietitian Service is a freecall service, so there are no phone charges for enquiries, making or changing a booking, or for the consultation call-back.

How much do consultations cost?

The fee for a consultation is $77 for 30 minutes or $132 for a 50 minute session. Payments are made by credit card over the phone.

How does it work?

Typically, a patient will call Healthily asking for information about the service and to make a booking. We ask for some basic contact information and follow up with some questions about their current health situation, so we can make a booking with the dietitian who’s area of expertise best suits the needs of the patient.

Once a booking has been made, we collect some more detailed information about the patients medical history so the dietitian can be briefed in advance of the appointment, giving the patient more time during the appointment to discuss their situation. If the patient is unable to stay on the phone at that time, we call back at a time that better suits them.

At the time of the appointment our dietitians call the patient on the number provided. We send text and/or email reminders to the patient 24 hours prior to the call.

What is the referral process?

All our dietitians are medical specialists so patients will need a referral from a GP or hospital. Healthily is happy to contact the GP or hospital directly and ask them to fax or email the referral. There is no charge for this.

Am I eligible for a health insurance rebate?

Currently there is no Medicare rebate for phone consultations, and patients with private cover are encouraged to contact their provider directly.

What follow up services can I access?

A range of health resources and information sheets are provided to the patient on request at no cost. These include; PDF’s, animations, fact sheets, etc from a range of partner organisations like Diabetes Australia and the Heart Foundation, ..