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Younger Onset Dementia – Symptoms and diagnosis

Younger Onset Dementia - Symptoms and diagnosis

Client: Alzheimer’s Australia – Vic
Project Duration: 5 months

Healthily produced a series of videos exploring the impact of younger onset dementia on the family. There are different forms of dementia, which cause varying symptoms – not just the memory issues that many of us associate with dementia. These videos discuss some of the ways that dementia can impact a person’s life.

For this project we travelled out to regional cities of Victoria, such as Ballarat, in additional to the Melbourne metro area. We spent time with families who were supporting their loved one through this difficult journey. We filmed with two cameras and captured not only interviews but also footage of the participants engaging in everyday-type activities. This gives the viewer a more holistic view of the participant; enabling them to see that while dementia is a part of their life, there is so much more going on.