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Heart failure content now available on GoShare

Patient experience stories can reassure newly diagnosed patients and help them to understand their treatment options. Made in partnership with Monash Heart.

In partnership with Monash Heart, we have created a new Speaking From Experience on heart failure.

Our participants come from a range of ages and experiences with heart failure and share their various journeys from diagnosis, through treatment, lifestyle changes and words of wisdom.

These stories are honest and often inspiring accounts of their initial difficulties,  how they overcame them and how they have gone on to change their lifestyles, mindful of their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our patient narrative series is used by health professionals and organisations to communicate often complex information in a way that is easy to understand. Stories are relatable and viewers can see similar challenges to their own being managed by people just like them.

Using GoShare, health professionals can tailor content to their patient’s information needs by choosing relevant Speaking From Experience chapters, as well as bundling supporting materials such as information sheets and apps and website links and delivering these online via email or sms. Patients can view these bundles online and share the information with family or carers to support their health literacy.

Watch the short excerpt above to see how a story can change your mind.

Contact us to see how your organisation or practice could benefit from using GoShare Healthcare or register for our free trial here.

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