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St Vincent’s Hospital to share digital COVID-19 information to patients via GoShare

St Vincent's Hospital to share digital COVID-19 information to patients via GoShare.

St Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney is sending patients and visitors important COVID-19 information via the GoShare patient education platform.

Hospital staff will use GoShare to send that latest information on COVID-19 via SMS direct to a mobile phone or tablet. The digital information pack not only outlines the steps that St Vincent’s Hospital is taking to keep patients safe during this time, but includes a step by step video to encourage effective hand washing.

St Vincent’s Manager Patient Experience Corey Adams said that GoShare helped to keep both patients, and their families, informed and reassured.

 “With GoShare, we are able to immediately give our patients important information about COVID-19, which is sent directly to their mobile phones. This is an engaging and easy to understand way to communicate with our patients about what St Vincent’s Hospital is doing to keep them safe. It is also very effective. For example, we can not only recommend to people to wash their hands, but we can also send them a video that shows them exactly, in step-by-step detail, how to do it.”

 “Another benefit is that we can update the information in real-time. COVID-19 situation changes rapidly, and printed patient information can be rapidly outdated. GoShare helps us to make sure that all of our patients have the most accurate and up-to-date information at all times. With GoShare, we are using the power of innovative technology to effectively connect with our patients and the community during this critical time.”

 In addition to St Vincent’s Hospital, GoShare will be used by a further 51 Emergency Departments and COVID Clinics across NSW to share COVID-19 digital information packages on 1. Prevention 2. Symptoms and 3. Diagnosis with patients in 11 languages.

Healthily Managing Director Dr Tina Campbell added, “We are thrilled that GoShare is helping St Vincent’s Hospital keep its patients informed of the latest COVID-19 developments in a direct and timely way. GoShare is already used by Emergency Departments across NSW and we are pleased that the platform is now supporting information sharing with “in-patients”. GoShare’s use in different hospital environments not only demonstrates the versatility of the patient education platform, but the increasingly important role that digital resources are playing to support self-care in these times.”