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COVID-19 Information Packages

Working in partnership with General Practices in their regions, a number of Queensland PHNs have commenced a roll out of interactive COVID-19 information packages to high risk patients using GoShare Plus.
Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to create GoShare Plus – a powerful new patient engagement tool to support quality improvement activities and preventative health campaigns.

PHNs roll out COVID-19 Information Packages
and GoShare Plus for high risk patients


Working in partnership with General Practices in their regions, a number of Queensland PHNs have commenced a roll out of interactive COVID-19 information packages to high risk patients using GoShare Plus.

Available in ten languages and informed by Australian Department of Health and World Health Organisation guidelines, three consumer-reviewed digital information packages have been developed by Healthily, providing critical information on 1. Prevention, 2. Symptoms and 3. Diagnosis of COVID-19. More packages will be developed based on the health and wellbeing needs of patients as the pandemic continues.

Available languages include (all by 3rd April): English, Arabic, Greek, Italian, Tagalog, Hindi, Punjabi, Vietnamese, Cantonese and Mandarin

The interactive information packages are sent to patients by SMS via GoShare Plus. Practice staff simply select and send the relevant “COVID-19 Information Package” to meet patient needs. The patient selects their preferred language on the first screen.

Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to integrate the functionality of GoShare (digital patient education platform) and CAT4, resulting in the recent launch of GoShare Plus. General Practices can filter their patient data to identify specific patient groups and send relevant COVID-19 Information Packages by SMS to support prevention or self-management. Patient groupings could include:

  • high risk patients
  • patients diagnosed with COVID-19
  • patients located in COVID-19 clusters, and
  • patients which chronic conditions.

 “During these uncertain times, access to credible and timely information that promotes COVID-19 knowledge and supports self-care is more important than ever. GoShare Plus is accessible via PenCS CAT4 software, enabling Practice staff to identify at-risk patients and send them up-to-date information. We have prioritised the release of the interactive packages in ten languages so this critical information can be shared with as many in the community as possible” said Healthily Managing Director Dr Tina Campbell.

Each PHN’s COVID-19 information package is customised with a unique URL ensuring patients always have access to the most up to date information and enabling reporting on patient engagement with the packages.

“The fact the digital packages are updated when important information changes or new resources become available, and are provided by a trusted health professional, improves trust and boosts engagement by patients with the information” Dr Tina Campbell said.

GoShare is a customisable patient education platform which enables the efficient and measurable sharing of health resources tailored to patients’ information needs through text message (SMS) or email. GoShare Plus brings together the functionality of GoShare and CAT4 providing general practice with access to a range of credible preventative health packages in engaging multimedia formats.

Healthily’s COVID-19 information packages are also being rolled out across hospitals, health services and aged care services using GoShare.

About Healthily
Healthily specialises in patient education – developing tools, content and programs to empower patients to take a more active role in their health. In partnership with peak health organisations, Healthily has created the most extensive library of patient and carer experiences across a broad range of chronic conditions and wellness topics. Using Healthily’s GoShare web-based application, health professionals can easily customise bundles of health resources, selected from thousands of fact sheets, patient stories (videos), animations, apps and tools, and deliver the “information prescription” to their patient via email or SMS. Through its GoShare technology, Healthily is working with many of Australia’s health services and Primary Health Networks to support patients to better self-manage their health.

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