GoShare plus
GoShare Plus launch
Launching GoShare Plus Supporting quality improvement and preventive health activities Healthily and Pen CS have partnered to create GoShare Plus – a powerful new patient engagement tool to support quality improvement activities and preventative health campaigns.
Aged Care Innovation Roundtable Report
Healthily, together with Accenture and Elsevier, hosted the Aged Care Innovation Roundtable Series which brought together more than 70 thought leaders from the aged care and healthcare sectors. Representing government, peak bodies, consumers, academia, not for profit organisations and the private sector, participants shared their insights into how technology could improve the care experience of an increasingly tech-savvy ageing population.
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Aged Care Roundtable
Healthily values collaborating with government, industry, thought leaders, consumers and technology partners to inform and develop innovative digitally enabled solutions to improve health outcomes, quality of care and quality of life for older Australians.
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